One of the Best Educational Options in the Area


Bartram Academy is the leading pre-K and daycare in St. Johns, FL, that believes in sustainability in childcare and one of the few schools to follow the Reggio Emilia model. Kelly Giddens and her husband Roger are the local owners and continue to be involved with the school and its staff. Our curriculum coordinators and directors have been with the school since the day it opened, which you can read about in our school story.

We invest in continuing our teacher’s education through in-house workshops and annual seminars. Our teachers have exceptional skills in gauging the students’ needs and working their lessons around those needs. Each one is certified in CPR.

Our Individualized Programs Provide Many Advantages

Our St. Johns preschool is based on The Reggio Emilia model, which is structured around project work and involves children combining individual tasks together to make a complete whole. Since we don’t buy pre-made curriculums, we’re able to create lessons and enrichment classes based on children’s needs in their individual classrooms. This way we can customize our teaching to suit the kids we teach rather than following a set-in-stone, one-size-fits-all approach. Each lesson plan we make is submitted to our onsite Curriculum Coordinator for approval.

We’ve put together a successful reading program in our VPK classrooms too. These students leave our school reading at kindergarten level or higher. You can be sure that your kids will be more than ready for elementary school and have a good head start when they begin their education with us.

Healthy for Kids and the Environment

Snack time is one of the most fun parts of preschool, and with us it’s another learning opportunity. We serve only organic, all-natural, fresh or fresh-frozen foods to teach kids how to live healthy lifestyles. None of what we feed our students contains dyes, partially hydrogenated oils, or high fructose corn syrup.

We believe in sustainability in childcare and teaching kids to take care of the earth. When cleanup time comes, only green cleaning products are used, including On Guard and an all-natural sanitizing solution we make right here. In 2013, our school was awarded Green Business of the Year by the U.S. Green Building Council. We were even rated outstanding on the Go Green Baseline Assessment!

See What We’re Talking About

You don’t have to simply take our word for all of this. We encourage you to view our photos of the facilities and some of the activities that we’ve done, as well as read our testimonials section. We offer guided tours in the mornings and keep enrolled parents involved through our community outreach initiatives.

We work hard to be the best school we can be. Contact us to come see what our St. Johns preschool has to offer your children.