Admissions to our St. Augustine Preschool

While we wish we could take every student into our St. Augustine preschool, a preschool admissions process is necessary to maintain our small class sizes. Our approach to Reggio child care combined with smaller class sizes allows us to get to know the students and parents and focus on each one’s success.

Bartram Academy requires a completed application filled out in person after a school tour. After completing the application, we will evaluate our classroom openings and see if we can accommodate your scheduling needs. If there are no spaces open, we will then add your child to our waiting list.

We look forward to meeting you and your child, as well as helping you through the application process. Begin today to start your child’s early education with a caring and dedicated staff. Contact Bartram Academy with any questions or concerns, or schedule a tour of our spectacular St. Augustine preschool.  Feel free to get in touch by calling (904) 419-7563 if you have any questions about our child care in St. Augustine, FL.