Helping Children Help the Earth through Sustainability in Childcare

What sets Bartram Academy apart from other preschools in the area are our sustainability initiatives. Not only have we been awarded several “Green” certifications, but we also serve only natural and organic foods to our students. We have made a real commitment to going green and leading healthy lifestyles, and see to it that our students do too. Our practices involving sustainability in childcare include recycling and using green cleaning products. We are also cloth diaper friendly.

We believe sustainability is an integral part of early childhood education and even more critical for the future of the Earth. Someone who learns recycling and environmental responsibility as a young child is more likely to continue these practices as an adult. The same is true for eating healthy foods. Our curriculum based on the Reggio Emilia model allows us to incorporate these practices into our day-to-day lessons while meeting the unique needs of each child.

Let your child learn to care for the planet by enrolling them at Bartram Academy. Contact our St. Augustine preschool today to learn how we teach environmental health and sustainability to our students.