Enrichment at our Preschool and Daycare in Jacksonville, FL

Bartram Academy offers enrichment classes every month that are included in the tuition cost and cover a variety of subjects. Mr. Eric, who teaches fun, whimsical songs, teaches our kids’ music classes. Students learn to sing, listen for musical directions, and play beats. There are many positive effects of children studying music, such as better memorization, reasoning, and motor skills. They also tend to be more creative and have higher scores in both the verbal and math portions of the SAT.

Another way we give students an advantage with our Reggio child care is through Spanish lessons. Our teacher, Ms. Nena, has more than 20 years of teaching experience and has created her curriculum for our school. She teaches letters, numbers, colors, everyday phrases, and more. The children love this part of the week almost as much as we love hearing them speak a new language.

Physical and Mental Development

Most of what we offer at our preschool and daycare in Jacksonville, FL, involves some form of exercise. During our children’s yoga classes, we have a certified instructor who guides students aged three and older through poses and deep breathing exercises. We also offer Zumba lessons for students aged two and under. This movement-based class has energetic, upbeat songs to help kids have fun and keep moving.

One of the most fun choices we offer is the kids’ gym classes, taught monthly by My Gym Children’s Fitness Center. Obstacle courses, tumbling, and other fitness exercises are taught to help grow their balance, strength, coordination, agility, and flexibility. Children gain social skills and self-esteem as they cheer on their classmates. We also offer Play Ball courses at an additional charge, which are held once a week. Coach Kim improves teamwork skills and motor ability while helping students have fun.

We Can Teach You Too

We offer classes for parents at an additional charge, such as lessons on CPR and essential oils. The CPR courses are offered annually to keep teacher certifications current, and we have recently opened them to the public. Our certified instructor teaches a two-hour evaluated training course and provides CPR certifications at the end. We believe everyone should learn this life-saving technique.

The classes on essential oils are held every six to eight weeks on Saturdays, and free childcare is provided for those who attend. This is your opportunity to learn about the benefits of these oils and why we use them in all of our classrooms.

Practical Lessons from Professional Heroes

As one of the best preschools in Jacksonville, FL, all of our classes are supplemented with educational events throughout the school year. We invite guests from the St. Johns, FL, sheriff’s office and fire rescue team to teach students about safety. The kids explore the cars and trucks, try on firefighter gear, and learn how sirens work. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Fire safety
  • Bike safety
  • Stranger danger
  • Halloween safety
  • How to stay safe at home

There are so many educational opportunities at Bartram Academy for both students and their parents. Contact us today to learn more about our enrichment programs.