Winter Play Activities for Preschoolers

Winter Play ActivitiesOutdoor play is a healthy way to get kids engaged with the world around them. That’s one of the many reasons it’s popular at Reggio Emelia schools like Bartram Academy. You don’t have to run an eco-friendly daycare in Nocatee, FL, to put them into practice for your kids, though. Many of the same ideas that make these schools so good at what they do work at home!


But what do you do when winter rolls around? Well, it might be colder, but that’s no reason to stay inside. With the right winter wear, you can keep up the fun — and the learning — when the weather changes. Here are a few ideas to make the cooler months just as engaging as summer play:

  • Winter Nature Studies
  • Backyard Astronomy
  • Family Bonfires
  • Neighborhood Caroling


Of course, Florida doesn’t offer many chances to play in the snow, but you can still teach your kids about how ice freezes and melts on colder nights. The main thing to keep in mind is that education works best when children see the concepts playing out in the physical world around them. By connecting ideas to action, nature, and activities, you give your young learner a head-start on education that’s also fun for all involved.