The March Dino-Dig: Dinosaur-Themed Activities for the Little Ones

Dinosaur Excavation Sensory BinNothing sparks a sense of discovery and imagination like the dinosaurs. While discoveries are being made every day about these organisms, they are sure to inspire wonder in your little ones. When planning a set of activities at your eco-friendly daycare, you can always start with these prehistoric reptiles. Here are a few activities you can host when it’s time to look after the children.


You can help children develop fine motor skills with an excavation sensory bin. Fill a tabletop sandbox with models of dinosaur skeletons, and allow your little explorers to find the pieces. This activity builds hand-eye coordination and builds on sensory play.


Also, try out an icy excavation. You can freeze dinosaur toys in ice and allow the kids to discover what is hiding in these cold “eggs.” By using droppers full of warm water, the children can build sensory and perception skills. It is also a great way to demonstrate physical changes of matter as the water goes from solid ice to liquid.


There are many ways that you can spark a child’s sense of discovery and love for learning while encouraging play. With a little imagination, you can turn any afternoon into a fun-filled experience at an eco-friendly daycare.