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Benefits of Enrolling your Child in Daycare

Children making arts and crafts in daycareDaycare is often a necessity for many parents, as they are working during the week to ensure they can provide for the family. Being able to “do it all” can be stressful for parents, but fortunately, they can depend upon our Reggio Emilia school to ensure their child is growing well while on the clock. Studies have also found that daycare is not only beneficial for the parents but the child as well. Below are just a few benefits of enrolling your child in daycare.

A regular schedule: Children in daycare are often provided with a full slate of daily activities to not only keep them occupied but to ensure they maintain a stable schedule throughout their day. At Bartram Academy, we offer a variety of Reggio-inspired activities for preschool age children to keep their minds active and interests engaged.

Social development: Another benefit of daycare is that your child will have the ability to socialize with others. Social development is crucial for a child and interacting with other children at a young age helps them develop these skills more quickly. This will help make the transition into schools and other social activities easier down the line.

Meet other like-minded parents: Through morning drop off and pick up, the parent will be able to meet other parents with children around the same age. Not only does this provide more opportunities for playdates outside of school and daycare, but it helps build a support system for the parents and even life-long friends.