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Using Eco-Healthy Plastics

Young children drinking milk at daycareAt our eco-friendly daycare, we are committed to using only the best natural products available on the market. One primary concern is the use of plastics. Though often plastic can be unavoidable, we do our best to use eco-healthy products in our facility.

When purchasing or using plastic materials, certain plastics can hurt your health. With many children’s toys being made of plastic, it is more important than ever that we recognize healthy and unhealthy materials. We recommend staying away from plastics that contain the following recycling codes:

  • 3 (PVC)
  • 6 (PS)
  • 7 (Other)

It is also recommended to use BPA-free plastics, especially when purchasing sippy cups and bottles. BPA-free products are much safer to use than products that do contain the chemical. We also recommend not using plastic containers to heat food in the microwave. Everything is about convenience these days, but reheating your food in plastic allows those chemicals to seep into what you are eating.

At Bartram Academy, we are committed to creating a safe and eco-friendly environment for children to grow up and learn in. We teach them how to preserve the earth today and in the future by incorporating eco-friendly practices into our lessons and daily routines. To learn more about how we practice sustainability in childcare, contact us today at (904) 419-7563.

How to Be Germ-Free Through Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Home cleaning productsMany families have adjusted their lifestyles to promote a greener and more eco-friendly household. At our eco-friendly daycare, we uphold the same values. A greener, more sustainable world is our goal, and we strive to teach our students how to create that world for themselves. One small change you can do is to eliminate harmful cleaning chemicals from your routine.

How to Be Germ-Free Through Eco-Friendly Cleaning

  • Use chlorine bleach alternatives. Chlorine bleach can be incredibly harmful, so it is essential to switch to natural alternatives that are just as effective. Peroxide-based bleach, quaternary ammonia, and borax are all safe options for your children and the environment.
  • Do not buy aerosol spray cans. Instead of purchasing aerosol sprays that emit chemicals into the atmosphere, opt to create your own air fresheners through the use of essential oils and baking soda.
  • Create your own cleaning products. It is amazing what a little vinegar and water can do! Create your own cleaning solutions from ingredients you trust instead of spending money on vibrantly colored chemicals.
  • Mix ingredients such as vinegar, borax, and antibacterial essential oils. Only a few ingredients can create natural window cleaner, mold and mildew remover, carpet cleaner, and all-purpose cleaners. Find a combination you like the most and never spend money on harmful chemicals again!