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Benefits of a Reggio Emilia Daycare

child coloring with crayonsWhen it’s time to enroll your child in their very first day care, researching all of the local facilities and their level of care can be stressful. When you enroll your child in a Reggio Emilia daycare in Jacksonville, FL, you’ll be allowing them the freedom to choose how they want to learn and be encouraged to pursue the areas they excel at the most.

With a focus more on personal development and less on exams, a child’s early education experience can be much more rewarding for the long-term. Being educated in this way allows for children to understand their creativity and feel comfortable expressing it, allowing them to be better writers, speakers, and artists. The Reggio Emilia approach can also positively impact social skills and behavior. In some studies, many children educated under this method have been more likely to interact in a positive way with other children.

At Bartram Academy, we have a wonderful staff full of teachers dedicated to helping your child succeed and meet key developmental stages in their early life. We encourage cooperative play both in the classroom and outside on the playground by allowing the children to guide their daily activities. If you’re interested in enrolling your child in our daycare in Jacksonville, FL, contact us today at (904) 419-7563.

How to Nudge Your Children into Loving the Outdoors

children playing outsideWith so many technological devices, TV, and streaming programs competing for kids’ attention, it’s no wonder more children than ever are staying indoors most of the day. This not only deprives them of Vitamin D, but can also result in lethargy and irritability. Even if you’re busy at work most of the day, there are ways to encourage your children to prefer playing outside. If you make the outdoors fun for them instead of leading them to think it’s a chore, you’ll foster a love for the outdoors that lasts a lifetime.

Choose the Right Preschool

When searching for a daycare in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas, look to Bartram Academy. We incorporate the outdoors into as many activities as possible in our eco-friendly, student-driven curriculum. We believe that combining educational and creative activities with outdoor play helps make learning second nature. This allows children to be free to move outside the confines of the traditional classroom.

Play as a Family

As often as possible, get outdoors with your children and play games. Play sports or encourage the children to play a game like tag, hide and seek, or red light/green light. You can even subtly nudge a more reluctant child to spend time outside by reading them a story or bringing a board game outside to play on a picnic table or blanket. As long as they’re outside, they’ll be enjoying the benefits of fresh air.

Dine Outside

As often as possible, enjoy a picnic together as a family at the park, or even just in the backyard. Your children will begin to associate the outdoors with good food and laughter. Plus, if any of you make a mess, it’s far less of a hassle to clean up outside. Don’t limit yourself to “cookout” food, either. Cook a healthy meal indoors and simply serve it on a picnic table. Use reusable dinnerware, not paper plates, to encourage your children to think in eco-friendly terms.

Children enrolled at Bartram Academy get plenty of outdoor activity time every day. We pride ourselves on our Reggio Emilia approach to learning, which involves encouraging children to find a spark of creativity and innovation within themselves. We provide the enriching environment for children to flourish.