New Year’s Resolutions to Share With Your Children

New Year’s ResolutionsWe’ve heard it all before. Most New Year’s resolutions made at the start of the year fall by the wayside by February or March. But making manageable resolutions that will help us succeed in some areas can be looked back upon with fond remembrance. At Bartram Academy, we believe that making resolutions as a family can have a favorable impact on sustainability in childcare. Let’s raise healthy, well-adjusted kids who are ready for promising futures.


Isn’t that what we want for our children? And we’d like them to remember with relish a time they resolved to do something for their own betterment or to help others and succeeded. Let’s help our kids by teaching them early how to make meaningful New Year’s resolutions that will teach them the joy of being successful. That’s what sustainable childcare is all about.

Involve the Family

One of the best ways to teach young children the importance of making the right decisions and then sticking with them is to model such resolutions in front of them. Make the New Year’s resolution process a family affair, with a list of names and resolutions made displayed prominently for all to see.


For the youngest members of the family, it is never too early to resolve to be neater by maintaining a clean bedroom or being better at washing their faces and hands after meals and before bedtime. Good listening habits can be encouraged in the creation of a resolution that will involve your young child’s promise to listen to and obey mother and father.