How your Child will benefit from the Reggio Emilia Approach

Reggio Emilia modelThe Reggio Emilia approach is an alternative way to teaching a wide age range of children from infants to six years old. By adding teaching and structure to a child’s adventurous activities, they will be learning about things that interest them in ways that most benefit their personalities.

Below are examples of how your child will thrive with the Reggio Emilia Model at Bartram Academy:

  • Self-Expression- Art is the best way for children to express themselves. We use art as a learning tool for linguistic, cognitive, and social development. We believe in letting your child’s imagination run wild in order to allow their truest form of self-expression to come forth.
  • Team Work- The teachers and students work together as a team at Bartram Academy. We want to ensure your child is learning by working together in an environment where children help the teachers and the teachers help the children.
  • Experience- Children learn through their own experiences, which is why their environment plays a huge part in their learning. Our staff at Bartram Academy works with your child to ensure they are experiencing education in the best possible way for their interests.

Prepare your child for success by starting them off in a great learning environment filled with self-expression and team work. They will be able to explore and learn at their own rate. Discover more about our play-based approach to learning by calling Bartram Academy today at (904) 419-7563.