How to Teach Kids Healthy Eating Habits from a Young Age

child holding carrotsMany young children put up a fuss when it comes time to eat, especially when it comes to eating healthy. This is partially because their taste buds haven’t yet developed and partially because there’s always something else they’d rather be eating or doing. Fortunately, it is possible to teach kids healthy eating habits from a young age that can go on to inform your children’s lives as they grow up.

Enroll Them in the Right Preschool

At Bartram Academy, we believe in eco-conscious sustainability in childcare. Since you won’t be the only adult in your young child’s life, you need to rely on babysitters and preschool centers to continue your work of encouraging healthy eating. You can rely on Bartram Academy and our instructors. In addition to serving healthy food, we offer a number of activities in our curriculum to encourage creativity and an interest in the natural world.

Make It Fun

  • Take your child to a strawberry farm to pick fresh fruits together.
  • Get your hands dirty in the garden together, like planting, watering, or harvesting.
  • Ask your children to complete age-appropriate tasks to help with preparing and cooking a healthy meal.
  • Encourage your children to get excited about activities that lead to healthy eating, and they’ll look forward to eating their fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and organic foods.

The younger they are, the more likely they are to find these activities enjoyable if you make them seem fun!

Shop Smart

Limit or even eliminate sugary snacks from your entire family’s diet, not just your children’s. Shop at organic stores when possible and encourage your children to choose their own healthy snacks for the week.

Finding the right preschool can help your child get on the right track as well. Enroll your child in Bartram Academy, where healthy eating is just one of the many advantages we offer our students. We serve organic, all natural fresh or fresh-frozen food, which helps provide the energy and nutrition your child needs to get the most out of their education. It’s just one of the eco-friendly practices our Reggio Emilia-style preschool engages in to give children the best possible start in life.