How to Make a Mini Greenhouse out of Recyclable Materials

Tomato seedlingsGardening can be a great summer activity to enjoy with your child. When you’re growing plants from the seed or purchasing seedlings to start out with, it may be too much of a shock to plant them directly into the garden. If you don’t have the space or an option for a greenhouse at home, you and your child can quickly create a mini one out of a few recyclable materials.

How to Build Your Own Mini Greenhouse

All you need to make your greenhouse is some toilet paper rolls, a large plastic container with a lid and air holes, such as a fruit punnet, and seed raising mix.

Cut the toilet rolls in half or thirds depending on the size of your container. You want to make sure that when you close the lid, there is still plenty of room for the plants to grow inside. Then place the paper rolls inside your container and fill it with the seed raising mix. Carefully add your seeds or seedlings to the filled toilet paper rolls, gently water them, and close the lid of the container.

The toilet paper rolls are great because they allow you to plant the sprouts directly into the garden when they’re ready without disturbing their roots. They are also comfortable for your child’s small hands to hold so they can help transport them into the garden.

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