Essential Oils and Natural Cleaning Products in Childcare

aroma therapy essential oilsOur dedication to the children in our early learning center includes ensuring they stay healthy inside and out. We’ve already discussed the benefits of the organic food we serve, but our focus on sustainability in childcare goes beyond the food we serve. This is why we don’t use any bleach or other harsh chemicals for our cleaning supplies, and utilize essential oils and other all-natural products instead. Some examples of the products we use and their purposes include:

Lavender Oil

This is diffused during nap time to promote calmness and sleep. This gentle oil is capable of being used without being diluted for purposes of relaxation, pain relief, enhanced blood circulation, digestion and more. Lavender oil is considered a “virtual first aid kit in a bottle” to many because of its numerous antibacterial properties.

Protective Blend of Oils

During flu season, we diffuse a blend oils to help cut down the spread of airborne germs. Many oils have immune-boosting and germ-fighting properties that can be vital during this time. Some of these oils include tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, lemongrass, and sage.

Lemon/Lemon Grass

Many store bought sprays and cleaners contain chemicals that can be toxic if not handled properly. We’ve integrated a cleaner into daily use that’s made with lemon and lemon grass oil to prevent the children being exposed to these dangerous toxins. Lemon grass is also beneficial because it naturally deodorizes, repels bugs, kills bacteria and fungi while also supporting boosting the immune system.

Learn more about our focus on sustainability in childcare by requesting a guided tour of our facility!