Frequently Asked Questions:

At Bartram Academy we thrive to be the best in childcare in St Johns, FL.  We encourage you to come in and take a full tour of our schools.  We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from potential families, new families, and current families.  Please feel free to call our school if you have any additional questions or don’t see your question here.

When can I come in for a tour/Can I bring my child?

Open tour hours are from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Monday through Friday.  You do not need to schedule an appointment beforehand.  You can bring your child, friend, grandmother and etc. to tour with you.

*Please note that if you come to the school outside of open tour hours we will not be able to show you around the school as we have extra office staff during open tour hours only.

How do I get my child added to the wait list?

Children can be added to the wait list after a full tour of our schools.  We do not add children to the wait list over the phone or via email.

How long is the wait list?

Bartram Academy has started each school year at full capacity.  This means that we usually only have open spots once a year (wait list admissions start in March for the following school year).  While we may have spots come available during the school year we can not guarantee any sort of timeline for admissions.

A number of factors play into admission (child’s exact date of birth, number of returning students, number of enrolling younger siblings, if you need full or part time care, and whether any spot that opens fits your exact criteria).  Families on the wait list will be contacted once year (September-October) to confirm they wish to stay on the wait list for the next year.

We encourage you to come in and be added to our wait list as soon as possible.  

Do you provide any tuition discounts?

Yes, we have 2 types of tuition discounts.  We give a military discount of 10% off your total tuition (with military ID) and a sibling discount.  The sibling discount gives 10% off tuition of the oldest child.  If you have multiple children the same age the 10% discount will apply to one of the children.

What are your class ratios?

While Bartram Academy follows all DCF regulations pertaining to ratios and fire marshall regulations with classroom capacity limits, we do strive to keep our ratios lower than average.

We have at least one assistant teacher in each classroom to help the lead teachers.  For example, DCF regulations state that 1 teacher can have 11 two-year olds in their classroom.  With the assistant teacher in the classroom, this drops our ratio to 5-6 two-year olds to one teacher.  Having an assistant teacher in each classroom allows