Choose a Preschool that Employs Eco-Friendly Practices

An Active Role in the Environment

Many parents today worry their children do not seem to have an appreciation of nature. For the most part, youngsters don’t spend a great deal of time outside playing and exploring. Instead, many little ones spend their time plugged in. This doesn’t have to be the case.

In our child-care center and preschool, we believe in teaching respect for the planet, as well as the creatures and plants that populate it. This can be as easy as taking them outside to play each and every day, making them part of our daily recycling process, and feeding them organic and all-natural food.

Another way we demonstrate our commitment to the environment is through eco-friendly daycare. We only use green cleaning products in our preschool. This means your child is not exposed to harsh chemicals from the cleaning process. Instead, we make up our own safe, sanitizing solution to eliminate the germs that can abound in places where there lots of little children.

Yet another practice is to employ the use of essential oils to maintain a healthy environment and help the little ones relax. Our oil diffusers use lavender during naptime to calm and soothe children. Such practices as these teach your child to be environmentally responsible in their life.