Child-Friendly Gardening Projects Part 2

best preschools in Jacksonville FLSummertime is the best time to watch plants grow and create crafty projects with your children! Now that summer is in full bloom, Bartram Academy has even more child-friendly gardening projects to share with you.

  • Garden Stones- Your child can design their own decorative stone for the garden. They can decorate it with gemstones, paint, pebbles, and more. When they are done, they can sign it with their handprint and name. They can also write the year on the stone, so you can always remember how old they were when they created their own garden decor.
  • From Seed to Plant- Let your child pick out a flower or plant seed they want to grow. You can help them plant it in the ground or a pot and let them tend to it while they watch it flourish. Your child will learn responsibility by caring for their very own flower or plant. You can even take pictures of the different stages, so you can document the progress for your child.
  • Bird Feeder- Your child can make their very own bird feeder from a recycled milk carton. All you have to do is cut out holes for the food and let your child decorate the carton. Once the paint and glue dries, fill it with bird feed and place it outside.

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