Child-Friendly Gardening Projects Part 1

flower gardenSpring is a great time to get your children outdoors for a variety of activities. Gardening can help teach them care, patience, and about the environment, making it a great learning experience. Below, we’ve listed a few ideas for child-friendly gardening activities to get your kids’ hands dirty this spring.

Herb Terrarium – Terrariums are a really popular decoration at the moment. Whether it’s real or fake, you’re sure to see one decorating a friend’s home or the café around the corner. Terrariums make a great vessel for growing homemade herbs. With a few simple items you could find around the house and the herbs you want to plant, you can create attractive, fresh herb plants in under an hour. These have an added bonus of giving you some yummy cooking ingredients that you and your child can use in a recipe later on!

Garden in a Glove – Using a clear plastic glove, kids can plant different seeds and watch them grow! Preparation time is minimal, kids can pick the seeds and use different varieties for each finger, and in a matter of days they’ll be able to watch and the seeds begin to sprout. This is a great way to teach kids about the process of germination. In addition, to make this super eco-friendly (and to glam it up a bit) you can use a clear glass container as the vessel.

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