Benefits of Eating Organic

organic vegetablesAt our St. Johns preschool, we put a focus on sustainability and staying healthy inside and out. That’s why we make sure to pay attention to all of the chemicals your child may be exposed to each day, both in their environment and in what they eat. Because of this careful attention to detail, we serve only organic, all natural, fresh or fresh-frozen foods. Here are some of the biggest advantages to eating organic that your child will benefit from:

No pesticides/chemicals – Numerous chemical pesticides have been linked to a number of diseases including leukemia, Parkinson’s disease, depression, and breast, prostate and other cancers. If your child is eating organic, you can feel safe knowing these harmful chemicals aren’t on the food they’re consuming at school.

More energy – Without chemicals and processed additives in the food your child is consuming, they’ll have a stronger and more energetic body. Junk food, on the other hand, bogs down your system and leaves you craving more.

It will adjust the their palette – It’s one thing to be in control of what your child eats daily, but it’s another for them to actually crave the food you want them to be eating. Food items that are heavily processed, like certain junk foods, have addictive qualities because of processed sugar and MSG. However, after a short period of time eating natural, healthy foods, your child will actually begin craving these tasty foods instead.

These are only a few of a plethora of benefits that eating organic can have for your child. For more information about our belief in sustainability in childcare or the programs at our St. Johns preschool, visit today.