Sustainable Group Projects for Children

How to Practice Sustainability in Childcare

Lay the groundwork for a lifetime of environmental responsibility and community activism with the youngest member of your family with our curriculum on sustainability in childcare. The faculty and staff at Bartram Academy share a commitment to green practices and healthy eating. This focus includes a collaborative learning process and daily group projects.

We allow your child to learn with others in a supportive environment. Every growing mind that we serve learns uniquely, so our daily lessons are designed with a different skill-set in mind. Many of our projects allow the students to create art with their hands. They use recycled materials and organic ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible to keep sustainability in childcare.

Every lesson must be crafted with a specific educational objective in mind. We have adopted the Reggio Emilia model for this preschool, so each group project involved a play-based approach with the appropriate level of teaching and structure. Your children deserve more than just a babysitter during this critical time in their educational development. Now is the time to give them the tools they need to live a healthy and sustainable life. Allow your child to develop the skills they need to become a success and a positive influence on others in the community.

Sustainable Care for Your Child

We must learn to work together for the benefit of the community as a whole. That begins with our collaborative approach to learning. Each of the group projects that your child is a part of centers on a sustainability practice. Your child learns about core concepts that prepare them for a life of academic success in elementary school and beyond.

When practicing sustainability in childcare, group activities give your child a chance to work with others, and a great environment to develop the vital social skills they will need going forward. Collaboration is a significant part of our curriculum for a variety of reasons. Your child is provided with an open and honest environment that helps them make new friends, and healthily resolve disputes.

Group Projects for Children

Introduce a broad array of concepts and skills that will serve your child well for years to come. Many of our group projects teach sustainability in childcare and include eco-friendly practices like the use of essential oils and organic foods. Our focus on recycling projects helps the student to learn crucial lessons about being resourceful.

Contact us today to learn more about our eco-friendly practices and projects that focus on sustainability in childcare. We proudly serve parents and children in St. Johns, Florida.