After-School Activities Based on the Reggio Emilia Model

The Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education is a play-based model with a little more teaching and structure that can be implemented from infancy to age six. The Reggio Emilia model is known as an “emergent curriculum,” which means that it builds upon the interests a child has already expressed. Parents looking to bring this engaging and educational environment into their homes have many options when it comes to after-school activities.

Word Games

The Reggio Emilia model of education values unlimited creativity, and parents can continue to work with their children on expanding their imaginations with word games. Start by asking them questions like, “If you could make up your own sport, what would it be called and how would it work?” You can also ask them to invent new uses for everyday items, such as a laundry basket.


Ask your child to tell you a story. For added fun, have them create drawings, songs, or even a play based on their story.

Re-Invent a Board Game

It is essential to teach children to think outside the box. Take a simple board game off the shelf and ask your child to develop entirely new rules, and then play with your family.

Arts and Crafts

Gather a wide range of artistic mediums like paint, markers, crayons, cardboard, paper, glue, clay, and other random materials and let them go wild. Unrestrained creative expression is one of the most critical values of the Reggio Emilia model.

Open-Ended Toys

Another way to encourage your child’s imagination is to provide them with open-ended toys, such as building blocks, clay, foam shapes, and LEGOs. These toys allow children to invent entirely new scenarios every time they play.

These activities are just examples – there are endless possibilities for parents looking to foster their child’s creativity and imagination!