Natural Toys and the Reggio Emilia Model in Jacksonville, FL

Many of the most impressive leaps in learning happen organically. They don’t need lesson plans or electronic support. Instead, they stem from natural curiosity and access to practical toys with an educational application. These are some of the principles embraced by the Reggio Emilia model in Jacksonville, FL. At schools like Bartram Academy, students play with items that spark their innate interest in the surrounding world — and help them understand more about how they can interact with it.


You don’t have to limit learning to the classroom, however. There are plenty of natural toys you can utilize right from your home. Most of these have one thing in common: they are simple, tactile, and easy for young hands to manipulate.


If you want to replicate the successes of the best preschools in Jacksonville, FL, here are a few things you can try:


Fabric Scraps — Simple, affordable, and open to infinite possibilities, simple scraps of fabric teach children about texture, color, design, and innovation.


String — Kids love arranging strings to create different shapes. They also combine well with other materials, since tying them to make new creations encourages artistic development and fine motor skills.


Twigs and Clippings — Any park or playground experience makes it clear that children enjoy getting their hands on plant clippings, sticks, and other items that you can collect right in your back yard.