How to Set Up a Reggio Emilia Playroom

Enrich Your Child with a Reggio Emilia Model-Based Playroom

You have enrolled your child at Bartram Academy. Now, make another excellent choice for their future by giving them a private space that lets them continue their education at home. Create a playroom based on the Reggio Emilia model of learning – the same model we use at school in the classroom.

This unique educational philosophy focuses on child-directed learning in a community of their peers. This means that children have the chance to learn about what interests them most alongside friends in an enriching environment. You can simulate this environment at home by creating a space that offers colorful and compelling materials that make playing time learning time.

Building Your Child’s Learning Space

Learning does not have to stop when your child comes home. With their very own playroom, it is easy to encourage them to explore, create, and dream. Best of all, it is easy to build a playroom that incorporates elements of the Reggio Emilia model without compromising your budget. It is easy to find the toys and materials you need at your local store. Here are just a few ideas:

Books: Talk to your child about their favorite stories. What genre do they like? Do they prefer fantastic stories about heroes, faraway lands, and magical creatures? On the other hand, do they like reading about the natural world – oceans, deserts, and rainforests? Once you understand your child’s interests, it is easy to find books that take your little one on adventures.

Crafts: The Reggio Emilia model emphasizes learning through touching and moving. Give your child the materials needed to create, such as boxes, paper, crayons, and other craft supplies that are excellent for art projects.

Collections: There is no better way to incorporate unique experiences into your child’s learning experience than with collections. If your child is an explorer, you can bring back natural souvenirs like stones, leaves, and flowers during nature walks. Alternatively, if your child is a photographer, a visit to the zoo or aquarium is an excellent opportunity to snap some shots.

For even more suggestions, do not hesitate to talk to our educational team. We are more than happy to provide recommendations based on our current classroom environment.

Contact us today to learn more about the Reggio Emilia model of learning. We teach students in St. Johns, FL, and surrounding areas.