Selecting the Best Preschools in Jacksonville, FL, for Your Child

As your child reaches ages 2-4, you are most likely considering preschool. Determining the best preschools in Jacksonville, FL, can be challenging, as you want to ensure you have made the right choice. When your child is ready to begin their academic journey, there are a few things you can consider when searching for preschools.

Make a List of Schools in Your Area

One of the first things you should do is make a list of all the best preschools in Jacksonville, FL, that you could consider. There are various options out there, and as your child’s most prominent advocate, it is essential to select the one that fits them best. Whether you are looking for a rigorous academic program or a Reggio-inspired approach, make a list of all that cater to you and your child’s needs.

Consider the School’s Philosophy

There are many different preschools out there, from Montessori and Reggio Emilia schools to more academically structured classes such as the High/Scope method and Bank Street. When looking for the best preschools in Jacksonville, FL, you want to ensure their philosophy coincides with your own. The Reggio Emilia approach, for example, focuses strongly on a child’s natural development through creativity and child-lead individual and group projects.

Do Not Neglect the Basics

Regardless of the type of preschool you are interested in, you want to ensure the school can cater to your child. To narrow down the best preschools in Jacksonville, FL, look for schools with a low child-teacher ratio and smaller class sizes. This ensures that your child will be able to receive individual attention without competing with the other children for it.

Keep Transportation in Mind

When searching for the best preschools in Jacksonville, FL, you will want to keep distance and transportation in mind. You want to ensure that the school you choose is a comfortable distance from your home, especially for busier families. Whether your child takes the bus or your drop them off every day, a school that is too far away can be taxing on both parents and child.

Bartram Academy is one of the leading preschools in the St. Johns and Jacksonville area. We have a firm belief in sustainability and promoting your child’s learning through the Reggio Emilia approach. If you are interested in enrolling your child in our program, contact us today at (904) 419-7563.