What Makes Us One of the Best Preschools in Jacksonville, FL

Crafting a quality education experience for every child is our core mission at Bartram Academy. We commit to a well-rounded approach to teaching our students and letting them flourish in an environment that makes them enjoy learning. With exceptional instructors, a modern model for the classroom, and top-notch facilities, we stand out as one of the best preschools in Jacksonville, FL.

Our school offers:

  • Education Based on the Renowned Reggio Emilia Approach
  • VPK, Camps, and Other Programs
  • Numerous Opportunities for Enrichment
  • Sustainable Practices

It’s not just the extensive offerings and leading-edge facilities that set us apart, though. We believe that the most vital part of any educational institution is a passion for authentic engagement with students. Even at young ages, children who are invested in their own education are more likely to succeed — and to see school as a positive place to develop skills, friendships, and mentoring dynamics with teachers.

Putting Students First

When you think of the best preschools in Jacksonville, there’s probably one criterion that jumps to the forefront of your mind: how well the students do later on. At Bartram, we see our role as much more than a daycare center and pre-k provider. The work we do to prepare children for successful futures sets the foundation for how they engage with education as they grow.

Because of this crucial responsibility, we encourage creativity and expression in combination with a structure to help young minds achieve more while doing what all kids love — having fun. It’s a model that inspires innovation and interest from the very beginning of a student’s schooling experience.

Coordinated Curriculum and a Cohesive Community

Bartram Academy parents know that we have a reputation for community outreach. One of the added advantages that place us among the best preschools in Jacksonville is our commitment to bringing students and families together through our camps and curriculum. In addition to teaching communal principles like cooperation and communication, we give back to our neighboring communities with:

  • Seasonal Events and Activities
  • Local Sports Sponsorships
  • Disaster Relief Efforts

With so much to offer, we are the perfect place to start your child’s journey to success. Discover all the advantages of our educational environment by reaching out for additional information.

Contact us to learn more about our approach to helping children grow. We proudly serve Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding areas.